In Genoa (originally published as The Traders of Genoa), players take the part of Renaissance traders, moving about the city acquiring goods and filling orders for goods. Messages need to be delivered and privileges obtained. Of course, none of this can be accomplished on one's own. Much negotiation and deal-making is the order of the day in an effort to become the richest deal-maker in Genoa. Flexible rules allow for negotiating almost everything in the game.

The Traders of Genoa version of this game is #6 in the Alea big box series.

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This game has a rather clever mechanic which limits the number of moves you can make per turn, and randomizes where you start on a 8x8 grid. Cards in your hand give you a goal which, upon completion, earn you money; at the end of the game the player with the most money wins. Each turn each player has opportunity for one action, but usually you want more than one. Actions include things such as picking up merchandise, gaining special abilities, and delivering merchandise. Only one player gets to chose the which actions will be taken by moving a set of markers (the merchant) up to 5 spaces on the board; players may negotiate and offer deals to get the merchant to go to a spot on the board that has an action they want. This can lead to a bidding war, and the player controlling the merchant can refuse all offers, however once an offer is accepted both parties are bound by it.

Having only one action available each turn (there is a special tile that will grant an extra action, but it takes an action to get this tile) causes players to carefully weigh what they want each turn, and how much they are willing to trade for it. The game does not lag, even when not controlling the merchant, since each player who has not taken an action still has opportunity to negotiate for an action.

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