Game Stats

Library Stats

Games owned 200
Expansions owned 141
Top 100 BGG Games Owned 14
Top 100 BGG Games Played 21
Games played in library 1117
Games played outside library 79
Expansions played in library 57
Expansions played outside library 1
Hours spent playing in library 972
Hours spent playing outside library 74
Average playing time 1:13
Average plays per game 5.6
Average plays per year 65.7
Average price per play $5.85
Average price per hour $6.73

Top 5 Publishers


Fantasy Flight Games 31
Rio Grande Games 21
Alderac Entertainment Group 9
Atlas Games 9
Days of Wonder 8


Fantasy Flight Games 33
Flying Frog Productions 32
Paizo Publishing 18
Alderac Entertainment Group 9
Twilight Creations, Inc. 7

Recently Played Games

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