Dungeoneer: Dragons of the Forsaken Desert

Dungeoneer: Dragons of the Forsaken Desert

This is the fifth Dungeoneer game, a wilderness set with a desert theme.

From The Publisher's press release:

"Long ago the sorcery of the Eldritch Lords transformed fertile plains into a desolate waste. Now the crumbling ruins of a great civilization litter the landscape, and only the remnants of the people known as the Drakan survive the harsh desert. But the mighty Dragon King has summoned legions of his kind and their lizard-men minions to lay claim to the desert. Can you defend the villages of the Drakan and defeat the vile dragon horde?

"Dragons of the Forsaken Desert is a two- to four-player Dungeoneer card game. Your character explores a wilderness that you build with map cards, while fighting monsters, completing quests, and leveling up along the way. Each Dungeoneer set can be played as a stand-alone card game, or combined with other decks for more dungeon-delving fun. Dragons of the Forsaken Desert features 110 new Dungeoneer cards, including dragon-themed monsters and Six new heroes for your Dungeoneer game: Arcanist, Barbarian, Cleric,
Defiler, Dragonslayer, Priestess."

Part of the Dungeoneer Series.

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Dungeoneer is a card-driven "dungeon" delving role playing game where players build the map, complete quests, and accumulate glory and peril as they traverse the map. Glory is spent by the player to gain items and abilities for their own hero, while peril is spent by their opponents to cause them to overcome traps and face monsters. Players always know how much peril and glory they have accumulated, thus they can know how much opposition they may face. Each game is a standalone game but they can be combined.

Dragons of the Forsaken Desert is set in a wilderness, not a dungeon, but has map locations which can connect to a dungeon should players wish to combine games. This game is tuned to go up against dragons, but adds in terrain modifiers and even sewers (which allow heroes to traverse the map quickly).

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