Recruit a Party. Kill the Monsters. Take Their Stuff!

''Tomb pits opponents against one another in a game of monsters, traps, treasures, and spells. Attempts to capture the dungeon crawl experience without hours of preparation. Assemble a crack squad of adventurers and enter the fabled Goldenaxe Catacombs in search of glory and hidden treasure. With Tomb’s unique set-up and character recruitment, you’ll never play the same game twice.''

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Alderac Entertainment Group
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2.622 / 5
December 2009
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November 15, 2019
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Tomb is dungeon crawling taken to a violent and vicious end. During the setup of the game players take turns filling the tomb's crypt with treasure, traps, or monsters. After the tomb is full players then add adventurers to the Inn (5 per player) and select one. Then the game begins in earnest. What a player can do depends on where they are: at the Inn they can recruit another adventurer until they have 5 in their party or they can draw cards, in the tomb they can move or attempt to pick the pockets of another party (thereby stealing their stuff) and at the door of a crypt they may decide to raid it. Make too many wrong choices and the other players may out distance you.

The real heart of the game are in the crypts. Each card is worth points at the end of the game, so raiding crypts is what you want to be doing. You must first pass any traps then kill all the monsters before you may claim the treasure. However, you can either "bank" the treasure for points or use it and run the risk of losing the treasure if the adventurer using it dies in combat. Combat is a dice fest; it is not unusual to be rolling a handful of dice. Combat is furious and by no means easy. Many adventurers will die each game.

While the game has a huge pool of adventurers available, only 5 per player are ever active in the game. If an adventurer dies it is removed from the game and a new one is drawn from the pool and added to the Inn. Players must carefully build their party from what is available, but any player not willing to see any of them die in combat will have a hard time earning enough points to compete.

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