The Name of the Rose

The Name of the Rose

In this deduction game, players are monks who are trying to collect as many suspicion points on the other players as possible in order to figure out who the criminal is.

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Rio Grande Games
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There is a murder in the abbey, but who is it? In The Name of the Rose each player is assigned a secret identity and have the task of being the monk with the fewest clues against him. The game is divided into 6 days, and each day has an event which alters the rules of the game in some way. Players have a hand of 3 cards which allow them to move monks to buildings. Each card played will advance the clock a set number of hours. On each building are Task Tiles, each tile bearing a number and a color. When a monk is moved into a building he will either gain suspicion points or lose them (he either does not belong in the building or has a legitimate reason for being there). At the end of the day clues are awarded to the monks based on their suspicion tokens. At the end of the game players secretly guess the identity of the other players; each correct guess adds clues to that player's monk.

Each turn players must decide what monk they will affect and in what way. Often the player has the ability to help their own monk, but to do so may give away their secret identity which usually spells disaster. There is an added tension with the suspicion points, task tiles are gained by players if they reduce suspicion points, and those task tiles can be used to decrease the number of hours it takes to complete an action; this is handy because ending the day will gain a player clue points at the end of the day. So players are always deciding if they need task tiles, and if they do which color they will help, weighed against the ability to hurt other players and risk ending the day later.

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