A Castle for All Seasons

A Castle for All Seasons

A new castle is being built for the king, and lots of workers are coming from far away to make their contribution.
Each player is a master builder, who will have to make a tactical choice from a number of character cards each turn. But watch out, the character cards also cause interaction, making for a surprising and varied game. Only when the points are counted at the end of the game, the victor will be known!

Artwork from Michael Menzel.

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Rio Grande Games
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August 2009
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March 23, 2010
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In A Castle for All Seasons you are endeavoring to build a castle. Each player has some workers, some role cards, and money and they each play a role in achieving victory. Each turn players simultaneously choose a role from their cards which determines what they will be able to do that turn. Each role may only be played once until the special Master Builder role is played in which all players get all their cards back. The roles allow players to gain resources, money, or build structures in the castle. Without resources players cannot build, without money players cannot gain the abilities of the structure they erected. There is a careful balance of strategy one must employ.

Two of the builders allow players to place workers in the castle, for money, which will net them points at the end of the game. One of the builders gains points for building, while the other gains money for building. Three of the roles add resources and allow the players to build a building for half of the victory points. The Master Builder allows people to get their roles back while also gaining 5 points for every structure built that turn. Players cannot directly interact with each other, but in choosing which buildings to erect they may effect the worker bonus of another player. No two games have been exactly the same, each one offering opportunities for different strategies.

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