Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord

Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord

Dungeoneer - Perilous Adventures in an Ever-Changing Labyrinth.

In Dungeoneer, you take up the mantle of a great Hero set out to prove your valor in the Tomb of the Lich Lord. To triumph over your rivals, you will need to explore the labyrinth of corridors, defeat the heinous monsters, overcome nefarious traps and be the first to complete all your Quests. But beware, the gods are fickle and to test their Heroes even further, they often bestow upon them Banes as well as Boons.

Game Description:

This simple card game is very reminiscent of Wiz-War. Players are dealt one of 4 Heroes, each with varying movement, fighting and magic abilities. The Dwarf for example is very tough, but has no magic value at all. Each Hero also has a value for hit points, the amount of Treasure he can have (carry) at any time and also the number of "Boons" (special abilities) he may have. Players are dealt 3 quest cards initially in front of them (public knowledge) and have 5 Adventure cards in hand.

Each turn a player may:

Discard unwanted cards and draw back to 5 cards.
Play Encounters and/or Bane cards (always on opponents never on yourself).
Build the Dungeon.
Move (collect Peril and Glory tokens).

Players will collect Peril tokens as they move which then makes them targets for others to play Encounter/Bane cards against them (Encounter/Bane cards have a fee to play - which is paid for by the person who the card is played ON with Peril tokens). This simple mechanic balances the game by spreading the attacks around as you can't attack someone that can't pay the Peril price.

Players attempt various quests (some are simple die rolls in a certain room, some are tough combat and some a series of things to do), with each completed quest having your Hero "go up a level" which increases his abilities.

Treasures & Boons help you, Banes, Traps & Encounters hurt you (which are played on you by other players).

The dungeon map is different each time as it is made up of cards played one at time onto the table by each player.

This game was introduced at DunDraCon 2003, in San Ramon, Ca. There are several planned expansions, and two special cards available by mail if you purchased at the convention.

First game in the Dungeoneer Series.

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Dungeoneer is a card-driven "dungeon" delving role playing game where players build the map, complete quests, and accumulate glory and peril as they traverse the map. Glory is spent by the player to gain items and abilities for their own hero, while peril is spent by their opponents to cause them to overcome traps and face monsters. Players always know how much peril and glory they have accumulated, thus they can know how much opposition they may face. Each game is a standalone game but they can be combined.

Tomb of the Lich Lord is set in a dungeon and the heroes and items are tune to go up against the undead.

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