Letters from Whitechapel

Letters from Whitechapel

A 90- to 150-minute game for two to six players ages 14 and up. It’s a crime and investigation game centered on the crimes and pursuit of Jack the Ripper. One player controls Jack, and others are detectives who try to track him down. It utilizes “very intense” artwork and graphics.

Get ready to enter into the poor and dreary Whitechapel district in the London 1888, the scenario of the mysterious Jack The Ripper murders, with its crowded and smelly alleys, hawkers, shouting merchants, dirty children covered in rags who run through the crowd and beg for money, and prostitutes - called "the wretched" -- on every street corner. The board game Letters from Whitechapel will take the players right there: one player plays Jack the Ripper, and his goal is to take five victims before being caught. The rest of the players - 1 to 5 - are police detectives, who must cooperate to catch Jack the Ripper before the end of the game.

The game board represents the Whitechapel area at the time of Jack the Ripper and is marked with 199 numbered circles linked together by dotted lines. During play, Jack the Ripper, the Policemen, and the Wretched are moved along the dotted lines that represent Whitechapel streets. Jack the Ripper moves stealthily between circular numbered circles, while policemen move on their patrols between crossings and the Wretched wander alone between the circular numbered circles.

The game includes 5 Police sheets and 5 wooden Policeman pawns (in five different colors), 1 Jack the Ripper sheet, 2 black wooden Jack pawns, 1 Jack the Ripper screen and 1 pad with 30 Jack the Ripper move track sheets, 5 white wooden Wretched pawns and several other components used to sign movements and situations on the game board, like Head of Investigation tiles, Police Patrol tokens, Woman tokens, a Time of the Crime token, Special Movement tokens and Jack's Letters tiles, all in cardboard, and Clue tokens, False Clue tokens and Crime Scene Tokens in plastic.

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Devir,Heidelberger Spieleverlag,Hobby Japan,IELLO,Nexus
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