Mad Zeppelin

Mad Zeppelin

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At the height of the industrial revolution, the Great Empire is about to take delivery of many secret crates from its colonies. These crates contain all the Emperor needs to strengthen his rule on the Empire: steel, coal, ore, and above all: gold! For security reasons, the Emperor himself has hand-picked the crew of the Nostria, one of the armored zeppelins of the imperial fleet. However, neighboring nations are organizing the resistance, and traitors are secretly boarding the airship to thwart the Emperor’s plans.

Mad Zeppelin is a fast-paced card game of sabotage, as you use your traitors to throw the most cargo off the Nostria and ruin the Emperor's plans. The player who destroys the most cargo wins, but you must assure you properly bribe the guards each turn, or your chances of sabotage may end at the point of a bayonet!

Contains: 14 Traitor cards - 100 Cargo cards of different categories - 10 Journey cards, used to mark the course of the voyage - 3 special dice - 30 tokens representing gold pieces.

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You and your fellow players have a common enemy, the Emperor. Each player is aboard a zeppelin trying to sabotage the Emperor's plans by throwing precious cargo off the zeppelin. Each turn players are randomly dealt one traitor, then they get to select one from among the remaining traitors. Each traitor has a color and an ability. The First Player will roll 3 dice; traitors whose color was rolled will be able to throw cargo off the zeppelin, if they can afford to bribe the guards.

Each player will play their two traitors, one at a time, activating their abilities if they choose. Each traitor will have the opportunity to steal one gold from the safe on the zeppelin and to grab a piece of cargo. Each piece of cargo will have a cost, in gold, that will need to be paid in order to throw it overboard, and that cost is also the points it is worth. Games last until someone reaches a set number of points.

During the game players must decide which traitor to choose based on what cargo they have in their hand and the traitor that was randomly dealt to them. There is a fair amount of luck at play in the game, and the skill to win lies in a careful balance between making the best of the cards dealt to you, and making a good selection.

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